Why online blackjack is a good thing

Casinos are funny old places. People go there for a bit of gambling, a bit of drinking, some general entertainment or just to been seen. But what are things like in an online casino. After all, it is rather difficult to get seen there and you would not stand a chance of seeing what and who is actually behind the scenes of those websites. For sure, some of the best online casinos is keen to introduce their key players. But how often would this be some furry animal as a mascot and not the dealers who deal with the cards at online blackjack? Jokes aside, giving players direct access to the dealers would be a very bad idea in any case.

Yet, you still want to be able to trust the people who hopefully deal you aces and kings and other great cards. Or at least you want to be sure that the RNG behind a video game has an algorithm that is not predictable in a way that other players could easily get the upper hand. You are not the only one to worry about all these things. We are just as keen to play serious games only. And then there are the regulators who are watching all the proceedings with sharp eyes, trying to make sure that they are not going to miss out on any wrongdoings. On the whole, there are many pairs of eyes around.


Trust starts at the door

Look at your life in online casinos like a journey where you get to meet many friends. Every time you knock on a door, you want to be able to trust the person in front of you. With friends you just know you can trust them. The same should be the case with online casinos. But not all of them are actually your friends. Some are really just keen to pull your money out of your pocket. They offer you games where you can hardly win a thing - or if you have actually won something, they make it really difficult for you to get a payout. But not all casinos on the internet are exactly as mean as this.

The most casinos are actually fair businesses and equally keen to show you their commitments. You will find information about licences and audits very easily on their websites. There is no such thing as hide and seek for those guys. They are just happy to do a good job and to be recognized for doing so. For you, this is a good signal. These are the websites where you can have loads of fun and you will never have to worry about ending up in a dark space. Unless of course you dig your own hole and play too much blackjack and other games. But we assume that you are mature enough to know your own limits, also in financial terms.

One such online casino that guarantees player security is Betiton. This casino uses state-of-the-art security to protect its players' financial and personal data. Moreover, its games are outsourced from trustworthy game providers like Micrograming and iSoftBet. Click here to find out more about Betiton's online blackjack games and see for yourself how online blackjack can be trusted!


Enjoy the many versions

Blackjack is not always exactly the same game. Of course, reaching 21 points with your hand and as little cards as possible is the main goal. But there are so many different aspects and variations to the game that the 21 points are not always that important - for you at least. Think about the dealer for a second. This poor fella is almost always at a disadvantage in comparison to you. While you could choose between options, he would be bound to the rules and either must pick up extra cards or remain on a number where his chances to beat you and the other players are perennially low. What these numbers are, depends on the version of the game.

A bit like roulette, blackjack also knows its European and American versions of the game. Compared to roulette however, the deeper roots of the blackjack game are in America. Therefore the American version is the one with less restrictions and deviations from the basic version of the game here. One major difference between versions of blackjack is the amount of points where the dealer must stand or accept another card. This commonly evolves around the "soft 17", which is 17 points with an ace. The ace can count either one or eleven points at blackjack, so any hand including an ace is called soft. This does not count for an ace and a card that counts ten points, which is always called a blackjack.

Looking to cheat? Good luck!

If you expect to get a guide on how to cheat against the dealer and other players, you are wrong here of course. It is more about beating the table to certain things while comfortably remaining within the rules' framework. Cheating is ruled out by the fact that you could not bring your own cards or make secret signals to the dealer in live games of course. Beating the game rather happens with strategy. The internet is full of different strategies for each and every version of blackjack online. But you should always be careful, because playing on the internet also means that you are always being watched by somebody, somewhere. Strategies make your game a lot safer though.

Often misunderstood as cheating is the practice of counting cards at blackjack. It is not officially outlawed, even though the casinos are not particularly fond of it. Let's face it, players who count cards at blackjack turn the game into something somewhat boring. It all becomes rather predictable with time, which is why casinos have stepped in. They would shuffle the cards more often. And to add some more randomness, they would also set the games up with six or eight decks rather than the one you would use at home on your kitchen table. The chances that you might recognise one or the other card because of some damage are also very limited, so please just focus on the game play.

It's fun because it's random

All these measures to ensure the randomness of the game are for your own safety. Games are more fun if you know that everyone's chances are equal. Of course, this situation changes swiftly within a game. But surely you are not the type of masochistic person who would enter a game knowing that you were going to lose anyway. Without any heavy thoughts it is way easier to actually have the great time you were looking for. Maybe you just need this little bit of distraction before going on a date with someone. Or you are trying to get your brain away from school or work. In any case, a game of online blackjack is always the right thing.

Because you are so far away from where the actual magic happens - and we assume that this is the case for every player - you can have no influence. All you can have is a great time. If you want to do so, train your brain a bit to be up to scratch during the games. Online blackjack also offers you the possibility to get some training first up, before you get started playing games for real money. You would not get this opportunity if you went to a land-based casino, where every game is about money. So, enjoy all the possibilities you get - and maybe one day you will become a real pro at one of the classic games in online casinos.

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